Sandy Troudt, AFCA
Art from Northern Canada

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I've commissioned several paintings from Sandy and have always been delighted with the results. The most recent was 2 paintings of our cats for my husband's birthday. Sandy was great to work with and we had a lot of fun planning the project. Highly recommended !!
Diane McKelvey - 23 May 2023
Dear Sandy, Your colours and shapes are so vibrant, a real reflection of this great area that we live in. Thank you! Pamela
Pamela den Ouden - 19 Apr 2021
Sandy, I don't have the knowledge of art vocabulary or methodology, but I know what I like! Your colors, whimsy and compositions bring me joy! Thank you. :)
Vicki Stadelman - 19 Dec 2020
Hi Sandy, I am checking out your prints. I have been doing some gelli plate monoprints and was looking at yours for inspiration. I love your colours and positioning of your subjects. Happy print making! I love your abstracts for their vibrant ice colours.
Katherine Moe - 6 Dec 2020
Just had a peek at you new, abstract works, Sandy. Your paintbrush leaves vigorous, mysterious tracks! Very provocative and wonderous and some even a little spooky. Favourites so far are 'Round About' and 'Ole'.
Miep Burgerjon - 26 Apr 2019
My family and I visited the Beaverlodge Cultural Centre yesterday. I enjoyed seeing the paintings you have on exhibit there right now, love the vibrant colours and slightly "stained glass" style of them.
Diane Haskell - 6 Aug 2018
I would love to see your original painting collection up for sale.
Damian Stepski - 21 Mar 2018
Sandy!! I thought your paintings were outstanding. You've developed a unique and very appealing style. You deserve this status upgrade and you certainly had my vote.....although during voting we did not know the identity of the painters submitting. What a pleasure to see your name. I just had to say "Congratulations!" Roberta Combs 😊
Roberta Combs - 21 Mar 2018
You mentioned that you had uploaded a couple of new paintings to this website so I had a peek this morning. Great fun to have seen these paintings evolve into the beauties they have become. They certainly capture the mystic essence of the Canadian boreal forests. The marvellous perspective and use colour express your voice so effectively, Sandy. Miep
Miep Burgerjon - 29 Jan 2018
Sandy you are a breathe of fresh air. I am an artist also and have been in a slump for a few years. My work becoming mundane and boring. You have renewed my creative juices and I hope to bring back a bit of what I've lost. Thank you and good luck with everything you do.
Bobbi Prince - 23 Jan 2018
Saw your work in this issue of Southwest Art. I checked out your page and I love your style. I do scratchboard work, I am not a painter. I love your fall pictures.
Danna Fruetel - 21 Jul 2017
An impressive and joy-filled portfolio you have created! We have witnessed your journey across the years that you devoted your time to creating these colourful and varied representations of the places you live and visit. The significant number of accumulated works became evident when we navigated your website over several cups of coffee this morning. A truly marvellous collection, Rudy exclaimed that your work could justiffiably hang alongside that of The Group of Seven,
Miep and Rudy - 2 Nov 2016
Visiting Norma and she showed your work. Wonderful.
Diane Taggart - 27 Feb 2016
I am spending a quiet winter afternoon at home looking at your website Sandy. What an inspiration you are. Not only are you prolific, profound, and particular, in your art work but you are constantly learning and searching for the next way of portraying what you want to say. Ever the student, ever the teacher, for all your artist friends providing us with a constant source of insight and inspiration. Thank you for being YOU and helping us be us.
Mary Parslow - 8 Jan 2015
Hi Sandy! Your paintings are a beautiful expression of the North. I lived up in Peace River and High Level, Alberta for many years and your work really captures the essence & colours of life up there. Now when I need a "northern" fix, I'll visit your website. Happy painting! :)
Christine Smith - 5 Sep 2014
Mrs. Troudt, your work is simply beautiful and amazing. A true reflection of who you are. I am so happy I came across your site and stumbled across your interview on Vimeo. Seeing your face and hearing your voice after all of these years made my day :)
Pia Cimini - 20 Apr 2014
So beautiful! Great to see your artwork! We hope you'll come north for a visit one day!
Susan Willsrud - 15 Dec 2013
Just saw your website address on the back of one of your cards. So glad I checked it out. Your work is amazing. I love what you do with color!!
Shelley Nickel - 8 Dec 2013
Wow, Sandy, Last I knew you were doing willow furniture, I had no idea you were so artistic and talented in so many different media. So glad to find your web site.
Bobbie Johnson - 15 Sep 2013
Wow! Need I say more?
Ann McColl - 13 Sep 2013
Your website is so awesome! Your work is exceptional and beautiful. Each painting is so full of color and simplicity, and I enjoyed looking at each one of them. I immediately recognized Den's portrait and it gave me a smile! He is still the good looking guy I remember 50 years ago, and age has only made him look better! Good luck to you!
Susie Messick - 24 Jul 2013
Gorgeous website, Sandy!
Diane Culling - 21 Mar 2013
So excited to see your Website, Sandy. Although I prefer to see your work first hand, this is a wonderful way to share. My new favourite is "Boats for Rent".
Jeanne Eyre - 19 Mar 2013
Beautiful work Sandy. You really enjoy what you do and your work reflects this.
Donna Fok - 17 Mar 2013
I am so impressed. There is so much I need to learn. This is a great website. Can't wait to see more. Love the colors and subject matter. Especially Den :) The prints are awesome. I sent this on to Paige and John Troudt.
Norma Betz - 16 Mar 2013
I love the liveliness of your work. The style captures the beauty of your subjects in a unique and refreshing way that is a pleasure. Vivid color and abstract strokes announce a riot of life and exuberance. This website is so much fun.
Kay Morison - 15 Mar 2013
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